Sabrina Maxi extractor

Sabrina Maxi makes work more efficient and saves you money

SABRINA – MAXI is a professional carpet cleaning machine (extractor). It is primarily intended for cleaning medium and large carpet areas. Its main advantages include high suction power, the so-called high-waterlift. As a result, it is possible to remove the maximum amount of dirt and, in addition, reduce the drying time of the carpet. SABRINA – MAXI is ideal for cleaning any space. It is powerful and powerful, yet compact and easy to handle.

SABRINA – MAXI is due to its small width suitable for cleaning trains, buses, airplanes and even cinemas, simply into every narrow space, into the space between the seats, or the space with lots of furniture.

SABRINA – MAXI has accessories that allow instant water heating, and a rotary brush. Working with this extractor is fast and efficient.

SABRIN – MAXI can be used for automatic dosing, carpet spraying and flushing, because it is equipped with a patented system that allows all this at once.

Features of Sabrina Maxi extractor

The polyethylene tank is very strong and guarantees long tool life.
The transparent cover allows you to observe dirty exhausted water.
The extractor has durable wheels with non-staining rubber. So you will not assign your work to yourself.
Drain pipe for easy emptying of the suction tank.
The drain valve allows you to drain the solution tank easily and completely.
The suction motor filter is easily removable for easy cleaning of the extractor.
The seal is manually replaceable – not glued. It allows easy replacement and cleaning.
Brass, quick-release couplings are reliable and durable.
By-pass pump allows automatic control of water spray pressure. In addition, the by-pass system has reliable and trouble-free operation.
An external filter pump improves the reliability of the machine.
The suction motor is equipped with thermal overload protection and is additionally treated with an anti-corrosion agent to prevent rust.
The suction motor and pump can operate continuously.
The modular design simplifies, streamlines and reduces maintenance costs.

  • Everything is efficient, simple and there is no risk of damage to your premises and surfaces!

Benefits of Sabrina Maxi Extractor

It is compact and easy to carry, yet powerful. Its tank capacity will surprise you. Thanks
small dimensions can be transported in a smaller car, thus reducing transport costs.
It is very durable, the carpet nozzle with aluminum suction head is virtually indestructible.
Great results with this device can be achieved with suction at different head gradients, thanks in particular
shaped nozzle. Any space, including stairs, with this unit is not a problem!
The handle is ergonomically designed, its height adjustable. Allows the worker to lift the suction nozzle
or push it without much effort. This ensures that any surface is not damaged.
It has a long life, including a nozzle. Not only the device itself but also its components have a long life.
The tube is made of stainless steel.
The extractor nozzle is very easy to clean because it is easy to remove, even without
use of tools. All this makes cleaning work cheaper and cheaper.
Instant water heating can be connected to the machine, making the entire cleaning process more efficient.
The machine is not costly or time consuming. Efficiency and quality are our top priority!

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