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Why is cleaning important

Dirt, dust and other allergens, clutter, all this causes discomfort, all unpleasantly interfering with our lives, causing illness and bad mood. In addition, maintaining a high level of cleanliness is a prerequisite for a successful job for service providers who provide services such as traders, pubs, hairdressers and the like. Which customer would return to a business that was not well cleaned? And since many modern materials require a professional approach, and it is always better when the work is done by experts, many companies and households are now cleaning up the cleaning company.

Cleaning companies

The popularity of companies called cleaning companies is also due to the fact that they provide complete cleaning, usually more complete than the owner of the building itself. Cleaning does not only mean wiping the floors and washing windows. The range of services we provide is much broader. And that’s what you can read about in the following paragraphs.

The first and most well-known part of the cleaning process is indoor cleaning. This usually involves washing floors, windows, dusting and other usual activities such as carpet cleaning, cleaning and washing of sanitary facilities and the like. However, our work does not have to end inside. We also provide services such as cleaning external walls, facades and exterior glazing of buildings. It goes without saying that we do all the most modern technology, and therefore as well as possible.

However, cleaning does not stop there either. Since cleaning is intended to make the working or living environment pleasant and healthy, the first part of the service we provide follows, which means that you will not only be clean but also beautiful. These include the cleaning of branches and fallen leaves, the removal of construction debris, the removal of snow and ice, the maintenance of lawns and all other work related to the beauty and enjoyment of your building and its surroundings.

For the needs of industrialists we also offer industrial cleaning, which includes cleaning of production halls, cleaning of paint boxes, ventilation or transport of industrial waste. Even the factory is a place that can be as clean and pleasant as possible.

Our cleaning company provides services both once and regularly. Mazi’s favorite regular cleaning services include daily cleaning of offices, shops and other premises or regular cleaning of apartments and houses. These are the times when cleaning was a woman’s job and women almost had no time for anything but their home duties. A professional cleaning company cleans up an apartment, a house and an office faster and better than its residents, and even different temporary workers and people who just want to make money.

As mentioned above, all of the cleaning services provided by us are largely mechanized using state-of-the-art machinery and equipment. This makes it possible to clean large areas very well in a short time. Cleaning chemicals further contribute to the quality of our work. We only use chemistry from well-established global and domestic manufacturers, which is health-free and approved for the activity.

Because bad work can be done with quality equipment, we pay great attention to the erudition and experience of our employees. All of them are perfect specialists in their specialization, are well trained and provide the best quality assurance.

So what does cleaning in our submission mean? It is a process by which any house, apartment or other object becomes a beautiful, pleasant, representative and healthy place to live and work.

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Our cleaning company has liability insurance for CZK 5 million and is an honorary holder of the ISO 9001 certificate (quality management system). Acquiring the ISO Certificate is a mark of the highest standard that a company can meet and a bet on the holder of this certification never means a step beside it.