Cleaning carpets in hotels

Cleaning carpets

Each carpet carries a natural dichotomy. On the one hand, it is beautiful, heat and sound insulating, soft and pleasant, but on the other hand it retains dust, dust mites and other allergens in its hair (thereby preventing them from flying in the air – more in the following paragraphs) as well as visible pollution that is not just easy to remove. And a similar dichotomy necessarily includes every hotel. On the one hand, it must be beautiful, pleasant and clean, and on the other hand, it is very easy to contaminate the carpet because the large number of people comes every day. Therefore, hotel carpet cleaning has an irreplaceable position in the cleaning service repertoire that a proper cleaning company has to offer.

Our experts know how to do it

Our established cleaning company, which has been operating in Prague and its narrower and wider surroundings for many years, provides and offers a wide range of cleaning services. Thanks to our many years of tradition, our employees have a wealth of experience with all sorts of cleaning jobs, but they do not forget to keep up with the current world trends in their craft.

We do not save on machinery either, and we are equipped with the most modern cleaning machines of renowned brands. As a result, we can quietly venture into hotel carpets and know that the result will always be perfect.

Extraction method of carpet cleaning in hotels

Choosing the right method is the cornerstone of success for hotel carpets. For rare historical or Persian carpets in your luxury suites, we will approach gently and choose manual cleaning. However, since hotel carpet cleaning usually includes heavily soiled rugs in the corridors or in the hotel restaurant, there is certainly a powerful extraction cleaning. Extraction cleaning ensures first-class results, and our company has high quality machines that make carpet cleaning in hotels a sure way to scented and clean interiors.

In carpet extraction cleaning, a powerful machine called an extractor is used. This extractor first injects into the hair carpet pressurized hot water blended beforehand with the detergent, but as soon as the cleaning fluid combines with unwanted contamination, the machine sucks it back into itself, making the carpet surface very soon after cleaning not only perfectly fragrant and clean, but also almost dry. This significantly reduces downtime and waiting time, which can be a great advantage in hotels where there is never time to waste.

Thanks to the extraction cleaning, your hotel will not lose more time than is absolutely necessary, because the extraction method is the world’s most progressive method of cleaning carpets in hotels and other buildings.

Carpet as an anti-allergic element

There is a widespread belief amongst people that rugs do not fit into areas where allergic people move, as dust and mites that live in them cause problems to allergy sufferers. And the hotel is doubly true that one has to think about possible allergy sufferers. As we pointed out in the introduction, it is true that the dust that is retained in the carpet is held by its fine fibers and thus does not swirl and flutter in the air of the room, as is the case with hard flooring. Thus, dust particles do not enter the human respiratory tract. So if we cannot wipe the floor several times a day, it is better to buy a carpet that binds to itself and holds it. However, it is necessary to keep in mind the regular cleaning of carpets in hotels.

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So do not hesitate to contact our established company and all your requests will be heard soon. Carpet cleaning in hotels is an easy task for the company of our experience and our equipment and you have only a fragrant, clean and beautiful hotel where every guest will be happy to return. Call our non-stop line and our staff will tell you when we can go to hotel carpet cleaning and when it will probably be done. Thanks to the fast drying time after the extraction cleaning, you do not have to reserve a long time for carpet cleaning.

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