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About chairs cleaning

Our company has been in the field of cleaning, cleaning and all related activities for a number of years, and therefore we can offer you above-standard service, also in terms of cleaning chairs, especially upholstered. Obviously, upholstery is a very comfortable, beautiful and, as a result, healthy thing, because one does not push the sciatic muscles against a hard pad. However, potentially upholstery can also be harmful if it is not properly cared for and especially if it is not properly and regularly cleaned. Because upholstery can absorb large amounts of dust, microbes, and other allergens whose coexistence with humans has a negative impact on human health. However, high-quality chair cleaning will put an end to this risk and the upholstered chair will only benefit from its softness, comfort, even beauty.

Cleaning upholstery on chairs

Upholstery, as we have already said, requires regular care and especially regular and thorough cleaning. However, this cleaning is not just about everywhere, and a lot of skill, training and equipment are needed to achieve flawless results. It is in itself possible to handle the cleaning of the chairs by yourself, but in many cases the efficiency is similar to having a clarinetist repairing a wind power plant. A specialty in human activities that has evolved over the course of our civilization is not harmful, and if we want the cleaning of chairs to have the right effect, that is, the chair is clean, dry, beautiful and undamaged at the end of the process, it is always better to call a professional cleaning company that offers cleaning of chairs on a professional level.

Methods of cleaning chairs

Our employees approach each activity in a sophisticated and individual way, so they always choose the ideal method of cleaning chairs. Of course, with the rare Baroque pieces, the most gentle manual cleaning will take place so that there is no risk of even the slightest damage to rare old textiles. On the other hand, modern chairs, whose upholstery is not weakened by age, can use the most modern methods, including in particular extraction cleaning. This ensures maximum cleaning efficiency of the chairs and the assurance of always well done work and perfect results. Chairs can be very much in some types of space (eg in a meeting room or a dining room) and the right choice of chair cleaning is a prerequisite for a successful goal. However, our employees are not only thoroughly trained in the latest trends in their field of activity, but they are also experienced craftsmen in their field. That’s why they always rely on them.

Extraction method of chair cleaning

In the cleaning of chairs, a powerful machine called an extractor is used. This extractor first injects pressurized hot water mixed with the detergent into the upholstery, but then immediately after the cleaning fluid is combined with unwanted contamination in the upholstery, the machine is sucked back into it so that the chair is not only perfectly clean after cleaning soon but also dry. This significantly reduces downtime and waiting time, which can be a significant advantage in plants or areas where there is no time to waste.

Thanks to the extraction cleaning your restaurant will not lose a minute more time than is necessary because the extraction method is the world’s most progressive way of cleaning chairs and other upholstery.

Regular cleaning of the chairs pays off

Like teeth or hair, upholstery needs to be cared for regularly. Of course, not as often as we brush our teeth or wash our hair, but still – only regular cleaning of chairs and upholstery will ensure a quality environment in your room. The recommended cleaning interval for upholstered chairs is about half a year. So if you leave your chairs clean twice a year, you can be sure that everything will be as it should be, and that any microbes in your upholstery will not be able to settle in and dust out. Contact our company whenever you consider it appropriate and cleaning your chairs will always be an easy thing to do.

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Our company is ready for cleaning chairs and all other tasks whenever you need. Boldly call our nonstop line on Sunday at six o’clock in the morning if you have forgotten to order cleaning chairs before a big Sunday banquet.

Our staff will always try to accommodate you so that everything is done at the right time and at the highest professional level.

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