Mattresses cleaning

About mattresses cleaning

Cleaning mattresses is a responsible activity, as one ideally spends up to one third of all your time on a mattress, as well as an important activity like sleep. A high-quality mattress that, with its ideal stiffness to ensure both comfort and proper body support, is a prerequisite for healthy and good sleep. However, we must not forget the regular care of the mattress, where mattress cleaning is the main role. Thanks to its porosity, the mattress can absorb a large number of microorganisms, mites, dust and other allergens, all combined with the fact that when sleeping we have a head near the mattress, leading to a high importance of cleanliness of our sleeping mat.

The right experts

Our well-established company has been operating in Prague and its surroundings for many years, and during that time we have gained equally important experiences that develop our in-depth theoretical training in the industry as well as positive references from satisfied clients. Cleaning upholstery, carpets and just cleaning mattresses is a true masterpiece among cleaning services. However, our staff is always reliable and their results are the best that can be achieved. Cleaning our mattresses will provide you with a good and especially healthy sleep, which is an important prerequisite for a happy and long life.

Methods of cleaning mattresses

For an experienced cleaning worker, it is a matter of course to choose the right mattress cleaning method. It can be hand cleaning, brushing, extraction method, or just non-invasive ozone wrap mattress cleaning and cleaning. Thanks to the correctly chosen technology and method, we guarantee not only the perfect result of mattress cleaning, but also a reasonably long time, which we will need to ensure that your life is not wasted and the mattress is very soon ready for use again. There is no need to emphasize that we are well equipped for each of these methods, be it the necessary machines and cleaning media, or the expertise, experience and training. With us, the risk of failure is close to zero.

Extraction method of cleaning mattresses

A special powerful machine called an extractor is used in the extraction of mattresses. This extractor first injects through the mattress surface to a depth of 1 – 2 cm pressurized hot water mixed with the detergent, but the machine is then sucked back into the mat when the cleaning fluid combines with unwanted contamination inside the mattress. very soon after cleaning not only perfectly clean, but also only slightly moist and soon afterwards completely dry. This significantly reduces downtime and waiting time, which can be a significant advantage. Thanks to the extraction cleaning, your bed will not lose more time than is necessary because the extraction method is the world’s most progressive method of wet cleaning of mattresses and upholstery.

Regular mattress cleaning is important

Just like hand washing, you need to take care of your mattress regularly. Not as often as we wash our hands, but still: just regular mattress cleaning will ensure a quality living and sleeping environment in your bed. As with upholstery, the recommended mattress cleaning interval is about half a year. So if you let the mattress clean twice a year, you can be sure that everything will be as it should be, and any microbes and mites in your mattress will not be able to settle in and dust out. Please contact our company whenever you feel fit, and cleaning your mattresses will always be an easy thing to do.

Contact us day and night

When else do you remember to clean your mattresses than at night. That’s why our non-stop line is perfect for this. Our cleaning company prides itself on the availability of its services, so it is always available to you. Contact us at any time, and our staff will come to you as soon as possible to ensure the most professional mattress cleaning. We know how much mattress cleaning is essential for a healthy sleep, so we won’t hesitate to make your wishes come true as quickly as possible. Cleaning the mattresses at the highest professional level with our company will never be a problem again, let alone a problem whose solution is dragging.

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