Cleaning Persian carpets

Cleaning carpets

The carpet is a warm and soft part of the interior that can make any room more comfortable, improve its thermal, acoustic and aesthetic climate and contribute to a good atmosphere. However, potentially a carpet can be a dangerous partner if you forget to clean it. Among its fibers, it collects dust particles, mites and other microorganisms that certainly do not benefit human health. In addition, cleaning also extends the lifespan of the carpet, which, especially in the case of historically valuable Persian carpets, their owners will definitely appreciate. Cleaning Persian carpets is a finished masterpiece that goes beyond the normal standards of cleaning. However, our experienced and well-established cleaning company has a great deal of experience with this specialty, so it handles the cleaning of Persian carpets perfectly.

Carpet as a dust absorbent

There is a widespread belief amongst people that Persian rugs do not fit too much into allergic spaces because dust and mites that live in them cause allergies. It is true, however, that the dust that is retained in the carpet is held by its fine fibers and thus does not swirl and flutter in the room air, as is the case with hard flooring. Thus, dust particles do not enter the human respiratory tract. So if we cannot wipe the floor several times a day, it is better to buy a carpet that binds to itself and holds it. But then it is necessary to think about regular cleaning of Persian carpets.

Regular cleaning of Persian carpets is needed

Just like your body, you need to take care of Persian rugs regularly. Of course, not as often as we brush our teeth or wash our hands, but still – only regular cleaning of Persian carpets will fulfill its purpose properly and will ensure you a quality environment in your room.

The recommended cleaning interval for Persian carpets is about half a year. So if you clean the carpet twice a year, you can be sure that everything will be as it should be, and any microbes will not be able to settle in and out of your Persian carpet hair. Whenever you see fit, contact our company, and cleaning Persian carpets will always be an easy thing to solve quickly and well.

The right method of cleaning Persian carpets

The cleaning of Persian carpets requires a thorough mental preparation, especially consideration and assessment of the condition of the carpet and the degree of its contamination. Accordingly, our worker chooses the right method to best achieve the correct cleaning of the Persian carpet.

The finest method is gentle hand cleaning, for carpets that are in good form, its possible to use extraction method, which is at the top of technologies and offers not only excellent performances but also very short drying time of the carpet, because its surface is immediately after finishing Persian carpets only slightly damp.

Extraction cleaning of Persian carpets

In the extraction purification of Persian carpets, a powerful machine called an extractor is used. This extractor first injects pressurized hot water mixed with the detergent between the Persian carpet hairs, and immediately after the cleaning fluid combines with unwanted contamination in the carpet, the machine sucks it back into itself, making the carpet not only very soon after cleaning. clean but also almost dry. This significantly reduces downtime and waiting time, which can be a significant advantage, especially in plants or areas where there is no time to spare. Thanks to extraction cleaning your office will not lose a minute more time than is absolutely necessary because the extraction method is the world’s most progressive way of cleaning Persian carpets and upholstered furniture and similar things.

Experts arriving on call

Feel free to contact us whenever you need it. Cleaning of Persian carpets will be provided for you in the shortest possible time. Our line is ready to receive your orders at any time, and our experienced, trained and highly skilled staff with the latest machinery is ready to fulfill your orders at any time.

Not in vain for years of working in Prague and its wider surroundings, in addition to rich and valuable experience, we have also collected many positive reviews of our satisfied clients from the ranks of companies and households.

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