Complete service charges freight depending on the location of the cleaning. In the Capital City of Prague it is 300 CZK, outside the Capital City of Prague it is 12 CZK / km / way, unless we agree otherwise with the client (for example, in regular cleaning).

Exact adherence to all agreed dates is the basic rule for our cleaning company. Therefore, you will receive a guarantee of compliance with the cleaning service dates from us. If there is any delay in our fault, you will automatically receive a discount or some kind of attention from us to see that our cleaning company appreciates its customers.

As you can see for yourself by comparing our prices with those offered by other cleaning companies, cleaning is definitely not expensive. Our prices are final and will not surprise you. We can also adapt to each customer’s financial demands.

For a one-time cleaning, our cleaning company has a minimum price of CZK 960 (or CZK 960 + CZK 12 / km for cleaning outside Prague). However, these minimum prices apply only to new customers and one-time cleaning. With regular customers and regular cleaning, minimum prices are always settled by individual agreement between the customer and the cleaning company.

The cost of cleaning works depends on these components:

  • Whether it is a one-off or regular cleaning. With regular cleaning, discounts are usually in the order of tens of percent. Our cleaning company has set the minimum price of one-time cleaning for CZK 960, if cleaning is carried out in Prague and CZK 960 + CZK 12 / km for cleaning outside Prague.
  • It also depends on the time we have to prepare. If you need cleaning services within 24 hours, costs are 20% higher. We can provide cleaning for you even within two hours of ordering. Here the prices are then arranged on a case-by-case basis.
  • The decisive factor is also the duration of the work. For example, during night cleaning our cleaning company has to pay employees a higher wage, which will be reflected in the final price we have to charge.
  • Also important is the degree of contamination of areas where cleaning services are performed. If the object is heavily polluted and cleaning is very difficult, the price can be increased by 40% in extreme cases.

If you can find a cleaning company located in your neighborhood, it may be worthwhile to contact this company, as cleaning companies usually charge extra costs, which will then be reflected in the final cleaning price. Complete Service charges a fee of CZK 300 for cleaning in Prague and CZK 12 / km / way for orders outside Prague.

We can provide cleaning within two hours of receiving your order. However, in such cases, the price is negotiated individually. Normally, cleaning is done within 24 hours of receiving the order or later. When ordering earlier, we can offer you more favorable cleaning prices.

Definitely. Complete service employs only conscientious and non-conflicting staff with a clean criminal record. Upon request, we will be happy to show you a notarized copy of our employees’ criminal records.

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Our cleaning company has liability insurance for CZK 5 million and is an honorary holder of the ISO 9001 certificate (quality management system). Acquiring the ISO Certificate is a mark of the highest standard that a company can meet and a bet on the holder of this certification never means a step beside it.