Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning is a combination of ecology and maximum efficiency

Steam cleaning is a simple and modern way, combining efficiency with ecology. During the steam cleaning process, hot steam is blasted onto the cleaned object, penetrating all the unevenness and crease of the surface, dissolving grease, destroying all germ and microbe germs, allergens, even durable flea eggs, and then sucking the dirt back into the machine. Properly regulating the pressure, temperature and steam application angle, perfectly clean surfaces can be achieved.

What can be well cleaned with steam?

  • radiators or other hard-to-reach places
  • toilet and other objects with a higher concentration of microbes
  • gas cookers and other soiled and rugged objects in kitchens or restaurants
  • expansion joints and gaps that cannot be cleaned in any other way

Steam gets everywhere

Due to the fact that it is a gas, steam is able to get into all crevices and inequalities much better than water, which is liquid. It is therefore suitable for cleaning rugged surfaces, narrow corners and inaccessible crevices. It is also easy to use for areas with high concentrations of microbes and dangerous germs.

All types of surfaces

Steam cleaning is suitable for almost all types of surfaces. The only exceptions are untreated wood surfaces and other absorbent natural materials. If you have any doubts as to whether the steam method is appropriate for your cleaning, consult with our staff for free.

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