Hotel service

Complete hotel cleaning services

  • We handle complex cleaning of hotels, guest houses and other accommodation facilities.
  • We help in decreasing the costs of administration and upkeep.
  • With proper care we ensure that clean interiors become a trademark of your hotel.

Our hotel service is divided on:


Are you wondering how to keep your hotel clean at all times? We offer you cleaning services ideal for mid-sized and large accommodation facilities.


Do you want to simplify the cleaning of the kitchen or a hotel restaurant? Make use of our offer and delegate us with complex cleaning services.


Do your guests insist on thoroughly clean rooms? Our cleaning services will comply with the demands of even the most demanding clients.

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Our cleaning company has liability insurance for CZK 5 million and is an honorary holder of the ISO 9001 certificate (quality management system). Acquiring the ISO Certificate is a mark of the highest standard that a company can meet and a bet on the holder of this certification never means a step beside it.