Cleaning heavy carpets

Cleaning heavy carpets

Heavy duty carpets are suitable for all areas where high wear resistance is required. Whether it is industrial halls, offices, office building corridors, or theater equipment, high wear resistance is always triggered by the regular and substantial use of the carpet, which also entails strong and continuous pollution. Therefore, it is always appropriate to think about cleaning the load carpets. As well as heavy-duty carpets, cleaning carpets must be very thorough. It is therefore highly desirable to entrust them to an experienced and especially well-equipped cleaning company, because without the necessary experience and equipment it is not possible to clean the load carpets in the proper quality.

Professional services

Our cleaning company has been working in Prague and its surroundings for many years and provides comprehensive cleaning services ranging from manual cleaning of Persian carpets through window washing to pressure cleaning of facades. For all these tasks, we are well equipped with brand-name professional cleaning machines, so even cleaning carpets is a breeze for us.

Our staff will take care of cleaning the carpets with the utmost care, so the result will always be perfect. And since it is also recommended to perform regular cleaning of the stressed carpets, you can easily arrange our repeated visit with us. So you will have the cleanliness of the carpets.

An effective method? We select the right one

A suitable cleaning method should be chosen for each carpet, and the same applies to heavy duty carpets. Unlike fine, fragile and rare Persian or historic rugs, it is generally not easy to clean the stressed carpets. Instead, a powerful extraction purge, which much more closely matches the exposure of the stressed carpets, comes to mind.

The extraction method is one of the most modern ways to clean carpets, and in addition to the short time needed to clean the load carpets, and especially high cleaning performance and stunning results.

Extraction cleaning

Extraction cleaning of heavy-duty carpets uses a branded and modern powerful machine called an extractor. Such an extractor first injects pressurized hot water mixed with the cleaning agent into the load carpet, so that the machine is then sucked back into itself when the cleaning fluid is combined with unwanted contamination in the load carpet hair, resulting in the load carpet very soon after cleaning. not only super clean but also dry. This significantly reduces downtime and waiting time, which can be a significant advantage in plants or areas where there is no time to spare and every minute counts. And it is in such operations that heavy carpets occur very often.

Thanks to extraction cleaning, your business, plant or cultural facility will not lose a minute more time than is absolutely necessary, because the extraction method is the world’s most progressive way of cleaning heavy carpets and other types of carpets.

Regular cleaning extends the life of the carpet

Heavy-duty carpets are often exposed to heavy-duty carpets, so they need to be cared for regularly to maintain the comfort of their users and a healthy atmosphere throughout the building. Therefore, it is recommended to clean the stressed carpets at regular intervals. In general, an interval of six months is recommended for extraction cleaning, but if your heavy-duty carpet is subjected to enormous use, it is not harmful to proceed to a higher frequency of cleaning the load carpets. It not only improves the culture of staying in the room, but also extends the life of the carpet, giving you double benefits.

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