Upholstery cleaning

Removing stains and dust

Removing stains and dust from your furniture with upholstery may not be a complicated matter. Just order a complete cleanup from our experts. With the help of modern workflows, we remove any upholstered furniture from cleaning up household or office furniture in just a few hours. Including those with which ordinary resources do not cope.

Cleaning of classic and antique carpets

Over time, a variety of carpets have lost their elegant looks, as well as the much-loved upholstered furniture. If you don’t want to see dust and dirt build up on your carpets, we have an easy solution for you. We take care of their complete cleaning and remove all stains and trampled dirt.

5 steps to cleaner furniture and carpets

  • We remove the rough dirt mechanically.
  • Test the upholstery or carpet reactions for cleaning products.
  • Apply these products and let them work.
  • Remove contaminated solution.
  • We will advise you on how to take care of carpets and furniture.

Chemical, or dry cleaning

In the chemical cleaning method, a special foam solution is first applied to your carpet or furniture. The main advantage of this procedure is that, 60 minutes after removal of the used foam, the treated surfaces are completely dry.

Wet cleaning

The basis of this technique is a special washing machine that spreads the detergent over the entire surface of the carpet (upholstery). As a result, stains and durable dirt will disappear from its surface.

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