Cleaning of industrial carpets

Cleaning of industrial carpets

Our established Prague cleaning company also offers cleaning of industrial carpets among all other cleaning services. As the carpet, in addition to its positive qualities, also has the negative effect of retaining dust and other impurities between its hair, it is necessary to thoroughly care for the cleaning of industrial carpets and to carry them out with the utmost care and especially with the help of quality machinery.
The cleaning of industrial carpets is a rather sophisticated activity compared to window cleaning, for example, the ability, training and equipment of the person who carries it out, and of course it does not make sense to carry out cleaning work whose results are doubtful.

Therefore, even if you have some less qualified employees for routine cleaning work, it is advisable to use the services of a specialized company to clean industrial carpets.

Experienced workers

Our employees are not only theoretically educated on various trainings and workshops, but also have a lot of practical experience, because our company is not a newcomer to the Prague market. When these high-quality workers combine with our high-quality machinery, you are guaranteed a complete job.

Cleaning of industrial carpets must be carried out particularly thoroughly, since industrial carpets come into contact with the increased amount of potential, and therefore real, pollution in connection with the areas in which they are normally used. Therefore, mostly finer methods such as hand cleaning do not come to the fore, but extraction cleansing plays a major role in cleaning industrial carpets. Extraction cleaning is one of the most modern and efficient methods that combines several benefits together.

Extraction cleaning of industrial carpets

Extractive cleaning of industrial carpets uses a branded and modern powerful machine, extractor. This extractor first injects pressurized hot water mixed with the cleaning agent into the industrial carpet so that the machine is then sucked back into itself when the cleaning fluid connects with unwanted contamination in the carpet, making the industrial carpet not only very soon after cleaning. clean but also dry. This significantly reduces downtime and waiting time, which can be a significant advantage in plants or areas where there is no time to waste. And it is precisely in such operations that industrial carpets usually occur. Thanks to extraction cleaning, your business or plant will not lose a minute more time than is necessary because the extraction method is the world’s most progressive way of cleaning industrial carpets and other types of carpets.

Better regularly than once

Typically, industrial carpets are subjected to continuous pollution, so they need to be cared for regularly to maintain the comfort of their users and a healthy atmosphere throughout the building. Cleaning of industrial carpets is therefore recommended at regular intervals. In general, an interval of six months is recommended for extraction cleaning, but if your industrial carpet is subjected to enormous loads, it is no harm to proceed to a higher frequency of industrial carpet cleaning.

Not only does it make a significant difference in the culture of staying in a room, it also extends the lifespan of the carpet, giving you double benefits. However, it is not always necessary to clean the carpet.

Everyday use of an industrial carpet can cause some minor accident, so you can also call us if there is only a stronger local contamination of some part of the carpet and we just want to take care of just the one piece that deserves our care.

We are ready to help you

Our company has been operating in Prague and its near and far surroundings for many years and is ready to go with you anytime. If you remember the time to clean industrial carpets right now, do not hesitate to contact our non-stop line, where our helpful staff will help you to make the cleaning crew ready for you as soon as possible. Punctuality, perfect fulfillment and first-class quality of all the work we do are our attributes that we are proud of, and with our services, the cleaning of industrial carpets will never have to be an activity that would no longer be solved by a short phone call to our company.

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