Carpet cleaning

Effective carpet cleaning

Our frequently used cleaning services include efficient carpet cleaning. We clean carpets anywhere. Carpet cleaning can be ordered separately or as part of a comprehensive cleaning – household cleaning (Prague), office cleaning, technical and industrial cleaning, hotel cleaning, etc.

Regular cleaning and vacuuming of carpets will make you 100% worthwhile. You will not only improve the image of the company, but also the hygienic conditions of your surroundings.

Rotary Carpet Cleaning - New

Complete Service works with modern ROTOWASH cleaning machines for very effective carpet and upholstery cleaning. Special rotary cleaning of carpets and floors is extremely effective.

It works on the basis of wet cleaning, with the machine drying the carpets straight away. Special replaceable brushes in the front of the machine perfectly clean the carpet (together with an effective chemical solution). At the same time, the dirty water with the solution is returned to the container. When cleaning the carpet, the machine sucks up almost all the liquid, the carpets remain dry immediately after cleaning!

Rotary cleaning is suitable not only for carpets, but also for sofas, armchairs, chairs, mattresses, but also solid floors. Rotary cleaning also removes very heavy carpet contamination. Rotary cleaning machines are ideal for heavy duty carpets. We have specially trained staff to work with these cleaning machines. We work on weekends without extra charges!

We also use this quality technology for floor cleaning in hospitals, hotels, offices, restaurants and other facilities.

Special brushes

You need to use high quality brushes for effective deep carpet cleaning. A variety of brushes can be used for our cleaning machines – small, large, hard, softer, cylindrical and others. The bristles reach deep into the crevices and gaps, pulling out all the dirt from the carpet. Depends on material and pollution. Handling and changing brushes is quick and easy.

Get rid of mites

There are a lot of mites and other microorganisms in the rugs that settle on the lungs together with the dust. The mites themselves do not harm people. They are harmed by their microscopic faeces containing strong allergens.

These feces mix with dust and get into the air in the room. At the same time they are a source of nitrogen to support the growth of fungi and fungi. For example, fungi aggravate asthma and cause other unpleasant diseases. What with this? Just regular professional cleaning, vacuuming and carpet cleaning with special vacuum cleaners will at least partially get rid of mites.

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