Speacial cleaning works

Special cleaning works

We perform special cleaning work in one-time or in the framework of comprehensive cleaning of your houses, apartments or offices. We have state-of-the-art equipment that complements our staff’s extensive experience. We mainly focus on marble crystallization and polymer floor treatment.

Crystallization of marble

Marble requires regular maintenance, otherwise it gradually loses its exceptional qualities and, in extreme cases, a complete renovation will be required after several years.

Treat quality to marble floors. After crystallization, they regain their style and also extend their life. Unlike grinding or polishing, this process is less expensive and the result usually exceeds our customers’ expectations.

How does marble crystallization work?

  • Remove all mechanical impurities, scratches and scratches.
  • Older floors are polished with a diamond disc.
  • Wash the floor with a neutralizing solution.
  • We treat marble with selected products.
  • We will take care of the final cleaning.

Covering floors with polymer

The multi-layer polymer provides the floor with an insulating and protective layer. Surfaces treated in this way always look as if you just finished polishing them. In addition, they do not require any special maintenance and are also resistant to the abrasive effects of various dirt. Polymer coating is particularly suitable for linoleum or natural stone floors.

How does polymer treatment of floors work?

  • Use a mop or vacuum cleaner to remove coarse dirt.
  • Apply neutral soap to the entire surface.
  • Perform machine or manual incorporation of special wax.

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