Cleaning technology

Quality equipment

Our company uses machinery and cleaning equipment exclusively from reputable manufacturers.

For work in larger-scale objects, it is necessary to own top-class machinery. In addition to classic cleaning carts and various types of smaller and larger industrial vacuum cleaners needed for cleaning households and offices, our company also includes various washing machines with walking or sitting (more than 70 pieces), disc washing and polishing machines, sweeping machines, extractors, machines and mechanisms for summer and winter cleaning of roads, garden equipment (mowers, scythes, brush cutters, crushers). This is also related to the fleet of over 15 vehicles, including platforms and multicars.

These are mainly products of the following companies:

  • Washing machines – Tennant
  • Single Disc Machines – Taski
  • High-speed polishers – Taski
  • Extractors – Columbus, Wap-Alto
  • Water Vacuum Cleaners – Taski
  • Industrial Vacuum Cleaners – Taski, Columbus
  • Pressure Cleaners – Karcher
  • Cleaning Tools & Tools – Eastmop, Klaro, Unger

Our cleaning machines and equipment


Twinmop TM2815 is a small trolley with a press, buckets of 28 and 15 liters and a storage compartment.


High speed single disc polisher. Even pressure distribution allows for use on uneven surfaces, while the front steering wheel ensures excellent handling.


Wet and dry vacuum cleaners. With a 25-liter tank, the V12 is suitable for cleaning in all types of environments - from offices to business centers to schools and healthcare facilities.


Tennant T3 is an easy-to-use cleaning machine with high maneuverability. In addition, the 50cm disc head model features a travel feature that makes it even more versatile.


High performance washing machine. It is perfectly manoeuvrable, passes through a classic 90 cm wide entrance and can also turn around in a space less than 2 meters. It is up to 30% more efficient on large areas than lower-class machines (without operator seat).


This rotary cleaner is designed mainly for cleaning large areas that require demanding, regular cleaning. Its replaceable counter-rotating brushes are capable of effectively cleaning any floor.


Extremely quiet and very compact machine, but also with large surfaces. It can be used on a variety of surfaces, both wet and dry.


Professional extractors for cleaning carpets, upholstery, but also various types of hard floors. Thanks to its design, it also cleans hard-to-reach places such as room corners, etc.


A high-performance yet economical cleaning machine that cleans the floor in one go, leaving it dry, safe and ready for use. It is available in versions with a cleaning disc or roller.


New, improved version. It is more economical than previous models, it uses little more than a spoonful of water to clean one square meter!

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Our cleaning company has liability insurance for CZK 5 million and is an honorary holder of the ISO 9001 certificate (quality management system). Acquiring the ISO Certificate is a mark of the highest standard that a company can meet and a bet on the holder of this certification never means a step beside it.