Snow cleaning

Snow cleaning is one of the cleaning services we offer as a cleaning company. Snow cleaning is provided in Prague and the surrounding area and includes snow cleaning from sidewalks, from car parks and driveways, and from all over the client’s land. Snow removal itself is important during snowfall and during winter, but it is also important to remove snow and icicles from the roofs during melting.

Snow removal from roofs

If you have a flat-roofed object, a lot of snow can greatly damage your property.

Icicles hanging from roofs and falling ice are also dangerous during melting. Cleaning companies should also ensure their removal and ensure the safety of passers-by. The owner of every property is responsible for falling snow and ice from its own roof. Therefore, in the case of stronger winters, it is worth hiring a cleaning company to remove snow from roofs. Our Complete Service has special equipment to remove snow from any roof.

Cleaning of roofs after winter

Most of the time, after the winter, there is a general cleaning, which includes a complete cleaning of the land, household cleaning, office cleaning, etc. However, few people pay attention to roof cleaning. At the same time, quick roof cleaning during melting will help to reduce or even prevent damage. Roof cleaning is necessary almost every winter. Thanks to roof cleaning after winter you will extend the life of your roof. Remember spring cleaning also on your roof.

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