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We will elegantly deal with the issues concerning the maintenance of pavements and exterior and industrial cleaning. It depends on you, whether you will select something from the offer below, or whether you’ll opt for something else. We will gladly fit our services to size.

We secure

  • Exterior cleaning

    • Lawn mowing and care of the greenery
    • Removing graffiti
    • Façade cleaning
  • Pavement cleaning

    • Removal of snow and ice
    • Sand, gravel of salt spreading
    • Cleaning of railing
    • Removal of chewing gums from pavements and floor


  • Industrial cleaning

    • Cleaning of ventilation and production lines
    • Cleaning of production halls and paint shops
    • Cleaning by high-pressure machinery
  • Other cleaning services

    • Vacating offices, storages and cellars
    • Removal and liquidation of waste
    • Assembly of sanitary dispensers
    • Renewal of flooring

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We accept your orders and requets for non-committaly price calculations on phone no. +420 777 788 300 or e-mail

We are looking forward our future cooperation…

Our cleaning company has libility insurance of 2 mil. CZK.

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